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Top Psych's Forensic Psychology Feeds
In the News, by Karen Franklin, Ph.D.
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    the charles smith blog
  • Pre-trial disclosure of forensic evidence: Justin J. McShane, Publisher of "The Truth About Forensic Science" puts the spotlight on a crucial area of forensic evidence that rarely comes under public scrutiny - and shows how the U.S. Department of Justice attempted to block discussion of proposed reforms - before making an abrupt "about-face." (Must, must read. HL);
  • Former Texas Governor Rick Perry: His lawyers have failed to to block the felony abuse-of-power charges against him on constitutional grounds; The Associated Press. (The charges are not related to his actions as governor related to the wrongful execution of Cameron Todd Willingham on discredited arson-murder charges. ((They should be!)); HL);
  • Robert Ladd: Texas executes intellectually disabled prisoner despite a high court ban on putting mentally impaired prisoners to death. The Guardian.
  • Joseph Sledge (North Carolina) and James Hugney Sr. (Pennsylvania); Radley Balko looks at their cases (between them they wrongly served about 75 years in prison) in a Washington Post column called "This week in innocence" - and wonders whether some cases require a "bifurcated" trial, in which the jury is asked to decide not only who committed the crime, but also whether a crime was committed at all."
  • Robert Ladd; Texas; This man who suffers from "intellectual disability" - and cannot be executed under the U.S. Constitution - is set to be killed tomorrow (Thursday 29 January, 2015) because "the Court of Criminal Appeals -- the highest court in Texas for criminal cases -- has dodged this simple rule by applying its own stereotypes, rather than science, to craft a definition of intellectual disability." Defence attorney Mark E. Olive; The Huffington Post.