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Top Psych's Forensic Psychology Feeds
In the News, by Karen Franklin, Ph.D.
  • Static-99: A bumpy developmental path
  • Upcoming forensic psychology trainings in Australia
  • Forensic psychology: Is it the career for me?
  • More studies finding bias in PCL-R measurement of psychopathy
  • Film to highlight violence against trans women of color
    UF Forensic Science Blog
  • The reasons behind naming the dead
  • On fire
  • Reliability, validity, error, and mistakes in forensic science: what do we mean by those terms?
  • Where there’s smoke, there’s fire
  • Teeth and DNA: preservation of evidence
  • All About Forensic Psychology
  • Interesting Psychology Book
  • Psychology Student Guide
  • Psychology Student Survival Guide
  • Forensic Psychologist Dr. Steve Porter
  • Body Language
    Evil Deeds
  • Essential Secrets of Psychotherapy: What is the "Shadow"?
  • Sex, Madness and Mass Murder in Santa Barbara
  • Essential Secrets of Psychotherapy: Why Extraverts Hate Meditation and Introverts Love It
  • Essential Secrets of Psychotherapy : What's Your Psychological Type?
  • The Psychology of Sexuality
  • Scientific American: Forensic Psychology
  • April Book Reviews Roundup
  • Memories May Not Live in Neurons’ Synapses
  • Human Brain Project Needs a Rethink
  • Book Review: Dragonflies
  • First White House Data Chief Discusses His Top Priorities
    the charles smith blog
  • "Sue Neill-Fraser: Tasmania; Andrew Urbin explains why she should be at the front of the queue of prisoners who proclaim their innocence who are desperately awaiting passage of new 'right of appeal" legislation;
  • Breaking News: Amanda Knox: It's over! New York Times reports that Amanda Knox and her ex-boyfriend have been acquitted of murder by the Italian court. "Gasps went up among spectators in the Rome courtroom, where after 10 hours of deliberation, the presiding judge, Gennaro Marasca, announced the decision. The reasoning behind the decision is to be made public within 90 days."(Bravo! Harold Levy. Publisher. The Charles Smith Blog);
  • Amanda Knox: AP reports judges burning the midnight oil - will not break until they have reached their decision. (Rubber stamp or breakthrough? At least they should find out soon. The pressure on them must be unbearable. Let the judges put an end to the persecution, the ordeal. Harold Levy: Publisher; The Charles Smith Blog).
  • Amanda Knox: Decision Day? Lawyers for Raffaele Sollecito, her ex-boyfriend, have completed their submissions; The judges have begun their deliberations. Associated Press reports a decision could be released today. USA Today;
  • Soheil Ghaleenovee: Ontario: Guilty verdict overturned after judge consults Google Street View. Lawyer says case is a "cautionary tale on why judges shouldn’t become involved in the prosecution of a case..." Reporter Zoe McKnight. Toronto Star.