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  • Sabastian Prosa: Ontario; CBC reports that drunk driving charges won't be stayed, as judge rules that, even though loss of a blood sample violated his Charter rights, "Results from the testing of his blood sample are not necessary for Mr. Prosa to put forward his defence. They may or may not have supported it." Prosa has pleaded not guilty to all charges against him. At trial, he has admitted to driving the vehicle that night, as well as to having almost double the legal limit of a
  • Adam Bowers: Joseph Buffey; West Virginia; At the end of Day Two of his sexual assault trial, the big question was still "whether or not there is one suspect or two." WDTV.
  • Aisling Brady McCarthy: Massachusetts: Irish Times reports that even before the trial has begun, defence lawyer Melinda Thompson - a former prosecutor now working for one of the top law firms in Boston - "has questioned even the validity of shaken baby syndrome, the credentials of Dr. Newton (Dr Alice Newton, who first diagnosed Rehma as the victim of abuse), and the overall health of the child," - but says "prosecutors remain bullish that there is ample evidence to back up th
  • Adam Bowers: West Virginia; (Case is related to Joseph Buffey): Officer asked when the investigation moved to a single perpetrator theory, which according to a police report, occurred in January of 2002, two months after the incident. This investigation stems from a 2013 finding from Joseph Buffey's attorneys that evidence matched the DNA of Bowers, not Buffey. Buffey was the man originally convicted of the crime.)
  • Bulletin: Adam Bowers: Trial for Adam Bowers set to begin: He is a second man connected to a 14-year-old sexual assault and robbery case. In 2001, Joseph Buffey was convicted for raping and robbing an 83-year-old Clarksburg woman. In 2013, Buffey's defense attorneys argued a DNA test proved the DNA from the incident did not match Buffey, but instead linked Adam Bowers to the apparent assault.