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    the charles smith blog
  • Lacey Spears: New York; Jurors continue to weigh her fate on charges of second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter. Jurors asked the judge Friday afternoon to read them the definition of "depraved indifference." Deliberations resume at 9.30 AM Monday; Lohud.
  • Melissa Calusinski: Illinois: Former day care worker serving 31-year prison sentence for murder of 16-month old toddler at day care center to appear on "48 hours" Saturday on CBS. She maintains her innocence. Chicago Tribune.
  • Chad Evans: New Hampshire; State representative, who believes Evans is innocent, is pressing House Judiciary Committee to reexamine the case - but the Committee has not made any decision yet. Rep. Max Abramson said Evans was not near Kassidy when the alleged assault occurred, and that it is more likely that her injuries occurred when her baby sitter reportedly dropped Kassidy on her head. Foster's Daily Democrat; (Must Read with a fascinating twist; HL);
  • Mark Lundy: New Zealand; Murder retrial. Day 15; ESR (Institute of Environmental Science and Research) scientist expressed concern that police or ESR staff possibly spread blood around the Lundy house. "Sutherland raised issues that police or ESR staff possibly spread blood around the house. In notes from a phone call he made to a police officer, he said he was worried ESR or police staff may have stepped in blood and spread it around the house."
  • Mark Lundy: Murder retrial; Day 14; "A shirt found in Mark Lundy's car had blood on it, an ESR (Environmental Science and Research) scientist has told a High Court."