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    the charles smith blog
  • Bulletin: Dale Cox: New York Times writer Campbell Robertson reports that the Louisiana prosecutor has become "a blunt spokesman for the death penalty." Of particular interest to the readers of this blog: "After a man was convicted in 2014 of smothering his infant son, a case that hinged almost entirely on differing interpretations of complicated forensic evidence, Mr. Cox wrote that the man “deserves as much physical suffering as it is humanly possible to endure before he dies
  • Death penalty under scrutiny; (Part Four): Rodricus Crawford: Louisiana: Powerful, disturbing article by accomplished writer Rachel Aviv: "Revenge Killing: Race and the death penalty in a Louisiana parish." ..."After reading the police reports, he decided to seek the death penalty. Cox told me that in the past forty years he had never prosecuted a man between the ages of seventeen and twenty-six who grew up in a nuclear family. “Not one,” he said. He believes that the “destructi
  • Bulletin: Former crime lab chemist Sonja Ferak; Massachusetts: District Attorney forced to expand probe; It had been thought that Farak's drug use (she was addicted to cocaine, methamphetamines and other drugs) went back to 2012, but a Boston Globe story reported that she told her therapists it began in 2004. "Farak's case surfaced months after another state chemist, Annie Dookhan, was arrested in September 2012 and found to have fabricated evidence in thousands of samples she tested at
  • Bulletin: Melissa Calusinski; New trial? Decision expected in September; " In her petition, attorney Kathleen Zellner argues a new trial is warranted because of the discovery of a set of legible autopsy X-rays taken of Benjamin's skull that clearly showed the toddler was suffering from a pre-existing injury when he died."
  • Death penalty under scrutiny; (Part 3); Commentator Robert J. Smith contemplates, "the end of the death penalty," as he notes that recent Supreme Court opinions suggest there are five votes to abolish capital punishment."..." But the bitterly divided 5–4 opinion has implications that extend far beyond the narrow question. This case may become an example of winning a battle while losing the war..........The most damning problem is the inability to guarantee the factual guilt