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In the News, by Karen Franklin, Ph.D.
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  • Static-99: A bumpy developmental path
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  • Traveling Backward in Time Is Kind of Hard
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  • "Molecular Tweeting" Could Hold the Key to Busting Superbugs
  • 2016 SATs Will Put Stronger Emphasis on Graphic Literacy
    the charles smith blog
  • Bulletin: David Harold Eastman; Australia; Stay application (Bid to avoid retrial after two decades): Defence argues that continued collection of evidence by prosecution – including forensic tests overseas – will unfairly delay the proceedings;
  • Bulletin: United States Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton; Philippines; 'Philippine Star' reports that, "Laude camp wants P38 M, 6 US visas – defense lawyer."..."The camp of United States Marine Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton, who is charged with the murder of Filipino transgender Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude in October last year, claimed that the complainants have issued new demands that include six US visas and P38 million in exchange for dropping the case."
  • Bulletin: Gugsa Abraham "Abe" Dabela: Connecticut: Family raises questions about Connecticut lawyer's death in new website. "The website challenges the official finding that his death was a suicide, and poses many questions that the investigation is seeking answers to, including: " Why did the Redding Police Department issue a press release within hours of Abe’s death classifying the gunshot as “self-inflicted”? · Why wasn’t the death scene investigated by either the Major C
  • Bulletin: Sandra Higgins; Ireland; (Publisher's note: Oooops! News of the jury's failure to reach a verdict as reported in the Irish press on June 25th in this shaken baby syndrome case - in which the defence called Dr. Waney Squier as an expert witness - fell through the cracks and did not get reported in our continuing coverage of the case. "Before being discharged the jury had asked a number of questions. They asked to hear evidence of the vital signs as given by the consultant paedia
  • Bulletin: Daniel Green; Massachusetts: Judge convicts him of severely injuring his infant son - but acquits on charge of permitting an assault and battery on the child. Associated Press;