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  • Celebrating National Psychotherapy Day—Again!
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    the charles smith blog
  • Grace and Matthew Huang: Qatar; Final verdict on their appeal set for November 30, the Associated Press reports. The Huangs have insisted that their daughter, who was born in Ghana, died of medical problems complicated by unusual eating habits. But prosecutors maintain that the couple had denied food to Gloria and said the child was locked in her room at night. U-T San Diego.
  • Ed Graf: Retrial: The jury is out; The Texas Observer's Dave Mann says the essence of the case is: "Will the jury go with their heads or their hearts, with the scientific evidence or with their suspicions?" Related story; Jury deadlocked six hours into deliberations; Returning to court Tuesday morning;
  • Reginald Tanubagijo: California; Shaken Baby Conviction; Tanubagijo testified that he neglected to tell anyone that as Buddy began to choke, he reached over to where the child was placed in a chair on top of the table, causing it to topple over onto the tile floor. He testified that he was afraid and ashamed to tell anyone immediately. He is seeking a new trial; The Reporter;
  • Hannah Overton: Texas; Prosecutors to retry her; Texas Court of Criminal Appeals overturned her conviction in September citing ineffective trial counsel at her 2007 trial for the death of Andrew Burd. Overton contended Andrew had emotional and medical problems, including an eating disorder in which he'd consume odd food items. An autopsy showed elevated sodium levels in his body.
  • Shaken baby syndrome: Investigative journalist Lee Scheier reveals the truth about the "Louise Woodward" case - that Democratic candidate for Governor Martha Coakley’s deft misuse of science actually came very close to sending an innocent caretaker to prison for life. The Boston Globe;