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Top Psych's Forensic Psychology Feeds
In the News, by Karen Franklin, Ph.D.
  • Upcoming forensic psychology trainings in Australia
  • Forensic psychology: Is it the career for me?
  • More studies finding bias in PCL-R measurement of psychopathy
  • Patience is no virtue on MSOP injustice
  • Federal judge calls Minnesota civil commitment program “draconian”
    UF Forensic Science Blog
  • The reasons behind naming the dead
  • On fire
  • Reliability, validity, error, and mistakes in forensic science: what do we mean by those terms?
  • Where there’s smoke, there’s fire
  • Teeth and DNA: preservation of evidence
  • All About Forensic Psychology
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  • Psychology Student Guide
  • Psychology Student Survival Guide
  • Forensic Psychologist Dr. Steve Porter
  • Body Language
    Evil Deeds
  • Celebrating National Psychotherapy Day--Again!
  • Celebrating National Psychotherapy Day—Again!
  • Beauty, Evil and Death in Venice: A Midsummer's Meditation
  • American Racism and the Acquittal of George Zimmerman
  • Jodi, Joran and Casey: On the Psychology of Evil
  • Scientific American: Forensic Psychology
  • Do We Live in a Holographic Universe?
  • How Green Is Your Coffee?
  • Dark Energy Discernment Dithers over Quantum Jitters or an Undetected Field
  • Fracking Companies Fight EPA's Proposed Chemical Disclosure Rules
  • How to Solve the Famous Birthday Problem
    the charles smith blog
  • Wrongful Conviction Day: 1 Day to go. Ohio Innocence says this international day is a testament to growing concern over a "human" problem: All countries, regardless of the system, rely on confessions, eyewitnesses, informants with an incentive to lie, and unreliable or invalidated sciences."
  • Ed Graf: Jury selection begins October 6. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals awarded Graf a new trial in March 2013, ruling the scientific arson evidence used to convict him of capital murder in 1988 since has been proved faulty. Waco Tribune.
  • Anti-junk science legislation: Forensics in Focus publisher Mike Bowers reports that California's anti-junk forensic science bill is now law - and says that's a good thing.
  • Reginald Tanubagijo: California: Convicted in July of second degree murder and felony child abuse; Judge postpones sentencing to consider motion for mistrial based on possible juror misconduct. "Possibility that there are other reasons to conduct a new trial".
  • Wrongful Conviction Day: October 2, 2014. A sampling of just a few of the scheduled events as momentum builds - and there are still four days to go.