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Top Psych's Forensic Psychology Feeds
In the News, by Karen Franklin, Ph.D.
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  • Science reporter delves into shadowy realm of civil commitment
  • Static-99: Yet more bumps on a rocky developmental path
  • Static-99: A bumpy developmental path
  • Film to highlight violence against trans women of color
    UF Forensic Science Blog
  • The reasons behind naming the dead
  • On fire
  • Reliability, validity, error, and mistakes in forensic science: what do we mean by those terms?
  • Where there’s smoke, there’s fire
  • Teeth and DNA: preservation of evidence
  • All About Forensic Psychology
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  • Psychology Student Guide
  • Psychology Student Survival Guide
  • Forensic Psychologist Dr. Steve Porter
  • Body Language
    Evil Deeds
  • Essential Secrets of Psychotherapy: What is the "Shadow"?
  • Sex, Madness and Mass Murder in Santa Barbara
  • Essential Secrets of Psychotherapy: Why Extraverts Hate Meditation and Introverts Love It
  • Essential Secrets of Psychotherapy : What's Your Psychological Type?
  • The Psychology of Sexuality
  • Scientific American: Forensic Psychology
  • How Hearing Works [Video]
  • People Who Wear Contacts Have Different Eye Microbiomes
  • Physics Week in Review: August 1, 2015
  • Life's Building-Block Chemicals Found on Comet by Lander
  • Hacked Molecular Machine Could Pump Out Custom Chemicals
    the charles smith blog
  • Taryn Christian: Maui: (The first Hawaiian case that has ever made it to the pages of the Charles Smith Blog)...(Publisher's conflict of interest declaration: One of my favourite TV shows is 'Hawaii Five-O!')"..."A convicted killer who says he’s innocent is hinging his latest shot at redemption on the assertion that Maui police and prosecutors knowingly withheld or destroyed evidence that would have implicated another man."..."Even before he was convicted in 1997, Christian
  • Rajesh and Nupur Talwar: Aarushi-Hemraj Murder:, a popular Internet media site, focuses on the media's blatant role in these wrongful convictions - as it shows how the couple "fight on from jail." (Must Read. HL);
  • Radley Balko: This keen observer of America's criminal justice system takes on the law of qualified immunity which protects state employees, including police, from lawsuits alleging violations of constitutional rights, using two cases: Case One: Henry Davis (Missouri) - after being beaten by officers, he gets charged with "property damage" for bleeding on the officer's uniforms - and the case of "Benny Starks ( a bite mark case); (Must Read. HL);
  • Reid Technique of taking confessions under increasing attack in the courts; Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) taking "new approach." Incisive National Post story: "Less Kojak and more Dr. Phil': How the law is forcing police interrogations to get kinder and gentler." (Must Read. HL);
  • Bulletin: Jeffrey Havard: Mississippi; Another report on his request from death row for a new trial; "Death row inmate Jeffrey Havard is arguing in a motion for a new trial that evidence of Shaken Baby Syndrome used to convict him of capital murder is now distrusted by the scientific and medical communities."..." In the years since, medical belief that these symptoms provided iron-clad proof of homicide has begun to crumble with several studies raising doubts. In 2009, the Americ